I'll build the house myself but use the help of professionals with the roof.
Build your own roof truss with some
professional help. If you buy a “Jigsaw”
roof, our technician will lend you a hand with the assembly.

6 steps of the manufacture of ROOF CONSTRUCTION or building from the roots:

Krok 1


Contact us. We will be happy to invite you for a personal appointment to our facility; we will show you the production and discuss the details of your roof truss.


Krok 2


You do not have your own project? We are happy to process it. Based on the project, we will draw up the drawings of roof truss.


Krok 3

3D Design

We turn on the 3D software and work on production documentation. We will present the resulting 3D model of roof truss to you.

Krok 4

Construction surveying and structural analysis

We get into the car and go to do roof surveying. Construction project is passed to structural engineers and we start the production.

Krok 5


We order the material from our sawmill. Wooden elements are processed using modern technology on CNC machines.

Krok 6


Installation of the roof truss by our professionals follows. You can also assemble the roof truss yourself, with the help of our employee.

Krovy NEMA   Japonská střecha   Železná Ruda

Much like carpentry, wooden construction of roof trusses is one of the oldest sectors of the construction industry. With masterly precision, our ancestors used only carpentry joints made ​​with the most basic carpenter tools to join the various elements of the framework. Nowadays, the joints are replaced by different steel angles or completely omitted. While using modern technologies, we try to return to the original carpenter connections, and thus also to the beauty and renewal of a vanishing craft.

Do you want to assemble your roof truss yourself? Assembly of the roof, which takes form of a puzzle is simple. We will arrange transport and, if necessary, we will "lend" you our assembly technician.

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